5 Free Apps That Help You Learn to Code Like a Pro

The IT industry has become one of the loudest international industries.

The Internet has opened amazing doors of opportunities and the continuous technology breakthroughs are constantly revolutionizing the way the world works. IT is the phenomenon that was born under the marriage of the Internet and computer technology.

What does coding involve?

Coding is the skill and art of understanding and leveraging technical languages. Coding can generate unlimited outcomes, depending on the coder’s intention, expertise, and system. Since most people look at coding superficially, the entire mystery behind code quickly starts to vanish.

If you’re a passionate coder, I’m urging you to hold your passion for what you’re doing and stay away from corruption like financial greed, inactivity, and laziness. I can ensure you, coding is more than that. I also believe that it’s critical that young coders use this ideology, too.

Here’s what I propose. I’ll play an imaginary game with you, and in the end, I’ll ask you a simple question. Ready, set, go:

You are at the beginning of your coding journey. You’re scared because you’re confused and overwhelmed right now. You are just a very small fish in a big ocean of sharks.

Nevertheless, growth is attainable as soon as you start learning how to fight (learning to code) and by eating the fishes you defeat (seizing the opportunities that bring challenges).

Back to this world. Becoming a master programmer is mostly about intention, strategy, and resources. The resources you leverage can make a huge difference in your learning experience and your professional results.

My question is – how are you going to change the world through code?

In today’s post, I’m proposing the idea that coding tools should be carefully taken into consideration (if not carefully used) by most IT beginners and newbie programmers.

For that reason, I will present the main reasons for this statement and the best apps to learn programming, which every programmer who is starting off should use.

  • Coding apps are specially designed to serve the basic needs of new programmers.
  • Coding apps bring great potential, as they improve the confidence of individuals who are often encountering issues, challenges, and
  • Coding apps are one of the best ways to improve your coding skills. You can read several articles at EduBirdie.com that has proven this statement through various studies that explored and measured the learning processes of IT academicians.

Here are the best coding apps you should leverage to learn to code better and faster.


SoloLearn is not just a coding tutorial or program, but one of the largest communities of passionate mobile learners. Everything you could ever need to kickstart your coding journey is on this program.

  • SoloLearn offers amazing quality courses that cover the most important coding languages like Python, C++, Javascript, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, jQuery, Swift 4, or Ruby.
  • The brand has over 29 million learners, 1500 lessons, and 13.000 quizzes.
  • SoloLearn has a Q&A discussion page where coders can discuss problems and ask various questions.

Programming Hub

Programming Hub’s motto suggests that this coding app will immediately become “your personal programming companion”. Both their mission and value proposition are simple, similar, and very clear:

The Programming Hub aims to provide every newbie coder with access to private tutoring experiences through mobile-based technology. Simply put, the app serves as a third party between learners and educators, and it does its intermediary role extremely well.

  • It aims to discover and promote the interactive side of coding
  • They provide bite-sized quality content
  • Over 5000 programs and code snippets.

Encode: Learn to Code

Encode: Learn to Code is a mobile app that makes learning easy. I believe that this might be the best app to learn to code, based on subjective experience. This simple yet efficient app proposes the idea that “everyone can learn to code”, and the app serves as a personal teacher for the user.

  • The app makes you feel like you’re playing
  • Great for absolute beginners
  • Great task system that engages the user to accomplish more



Learn to code, for free – Codecademy claims to have developed what they call “the best app to learn to programme” in modern times. Their system’s positive results have been tested and proven by over 45 million learners over seven years, so they’re worth having a look at.

  • The app prioritizes the choice of the user, providing diverse learning journeys.
  • Codecademy teaches you how to learn by taking real action.
  • One of the best coding apps you can get your hands on



Tynker is the best app to learn to code designed for kids. If you’re a parent who’s looking to improve his child’s coding knowledge and skills, Tynker is your best choice.

  • Tynker aims to make coding easy, fun, and educational
  • It is aimed at children over the age of 7
  • Every parent can empower their children to become “designers” and “makers” of brilliant solutions and applications


Learning to code is just like learning to play an instrument. It is both an art and a skill, so its complexity cannot be described in very precise words. Nevertheless, a programmer and coder will be able to express their own ideas, intuition, and solutions through an effective language that generates material effects.