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We’re building the future of design mentorship to help aspiring designers and developers fill the gap between proficiency and job ready.

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Our Mission

The market for design jobs is growing faster than ever before, and there are thousands of great courses, schools, and bootcamps that teach design fundamentals and basic technical skills.

But what comes after you’ve taken a few courses, designed your first project, and gotten familiar with design tools? How do you go from proficient to job-ready when you’re all on your own?

We call this huge space between proficiency and job-ready “the gap”.

At RookieUp, our mission is to fill this gap by creating the first service that pairs aspiring designers with their own personal design mentor and support network so they don’t need to work towards their goals alone.

In 2017, I was a few months into taking online UX courses after work each night. Like most people learning creative skills online, I had ideas for all sorts of projects, but didn’t want to be forced into a structured bootcamp just to have access to a teacher to help me turn my ideas into beautiful final projects. All I wanted was someone to chat with each week so I could get feedback on my projects, ask questions, and stay accountable.

Four years and 1000’s of students later, our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to quality design mentorship, no matter where they live, who they know, what their goals are, or where they are in their design journey.

Alec McGuffey, founder

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