Justin Gilman

I am currently owner of Studio Rubric,  a remote team of designers, strategists, and developers who build websites and design digital products. I chose to start my own studio after experiencing the life of a designer for smaller companies and global ad agencies. I wanted to be my own boss — set my schedule, choose my clients, grow a team, and launch awesome work. Being a designer and starting a studio has taught me many things that I want to share with you!



Courtney Eliseo

My 16+ years of experience in the design field began in New York City. There, the early years of my career were spent at a traditional design agency where I gained an immense amount of knowledge about every aspect of the field— from print to production to client management and more. Though this process I eventually honed in on branding as the area of design where my passion lies. Since then, I’ve built a business focused on helping small businesses and start-ups of all kinds bring their brands to life. With industry experience encompassing fields such as tech, retail, beauty, hospitality and education, the core focus of my work has been developing brands that are timeless, authentic and rooted in an empathetic customer focus. My guidance will be most helpful for those who are looking to improve their branding skills, sharpen their designer-client communication, or work on transitioning into a freelance or independent design career.


Chris Roy

In-house Product Design Leader specialized in the travel industry, currently working at TravelPerk—the world’s fastest growing SaaS company—and formerly at Skyscanner. Previous to the travel industry, I worked at a number of software companies as well as working freelance. I also advise startups on Product and Design and over the past 12 years have helped many companies launch products, brands and services to the market. My main areas of expertise are: UX Design; Research; Prototyping; building and maintaining Design Systems; Design Strategy; Scaling design teams; Startups. I also work with front-end technologies and can advise on HTML/CSS and responsive web design and design for mobile.


Ari Krzyzek

Co-founder and chief creative officer of Chykalophia (read: see-ka-lo-fia), Ari Krzyzek helps femtech and women-led tech companies craft a brand that delights their customer beyond a pretty design, deliver no-brainer user experience, and getting them the clarity they need to for their business to thrive online. Additionally, she founded and hosts Creative Women’s Co., serving as a design consultant, mentor and professional peer in support of fellow female entrepreneurs through 1871 Chicago and Interaction Design Foundation.

Nikos Kotsakis

I am a design practice leader and co-founder of notallbad, working as a consultant focusing on UX and service design in both start-up and corporate environments. I’ve implemented design practices in both business cultures with many years of experience in Product, UX Design, UX Management & Strategy. As a designer, I am focused on creating human-centric solutions and interactions, and I look for opportunities to challenge the norm by utilizing best practice Design Thinking. Through extensive research and following innovative design patterns, I help companies to ask the right questions and find the right solutions, shaping their business proposition, customer service, and user experience focused on real people. Leading design teams and design reviews for different projects and companies in the past, I have supported young professionals, stakeholders, and people transitioning to UX, with the development of their career in design. In collaboration with design professors and other mentors, I also had the chance to dive deeper into mentoring and influence the future of design and technology. Through a practice-based learning process, we shaped the curriculum for Interaction Design degree, built on human-centered design principles and methods, for students, and creative entrepreneurship.


Shajeel Rehman

My name is Shajeel Rehman. With 15 years of experience in I’m a UX/UI Designer, Art Director and Visual Designer. I have spent countless hours strenuously perfecting my craft, and learned how to apply my creativity in various capacities. Over the years, I have fine-tuned my skill set by collaborating with other talented teams, and learned various new skills from the creative minds I have worked with.


Rabeea Wajeeha

I’m a Product Strategist from Canada currently based in the United Kingdom. I have dedicated over ten years, helping tech startups and large enterprises in Canada and abroad to fine-tune their strategy, acquire customers and build retention-focused success programs. I have a broad set of skills developed by working on large scale data-driven projects funded by United Nations and USAID as well as leading projects in the mental health sector to be used by private and public sector clients. As someone who has worked and lived on three continents, I have extensive knowledge and experience in business and technology to help you take your business to the next level.


Matt O’Leary

Hello! My name is Matt and I’ve been working in the design industry for more than 15 years. Since 2011 I have been focused on User Experience, and Interaction Design and currently work on enterprise SAAS products for Axway.


Cory Burnett

I’ve been delivering human-centered outcomes in the digital-world, for 21 years. Most recently with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Where I’ve been designing improved outcomes for ~1.5 years. The last ~11.5 years have been spent building; Design teams, Design practices and mature Products – mostly in Construction Tech. While delivering improved outcomes across all 3 Horizons, for Startups and Enterprises alike. Gaining a foundation in Design Leadership, Design Ops, Design Thinking, User Experience, Product Management and the Business Strategy behind it all.



Sonja Geracsek

Sonja is a freelance Motion Designer and Online Animation Teacher with 12+ years of experience. She helps brands connect with their audiences through quirky motion graphics. Being known for her playful style, she helps personalise brands with humour and band awareness. Sonja has had the pleasure of working with clients such as Stefan Kunz, Lauren Hom, TEDxTUM, Hugendubel, fritz-kola, Roche, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell and many more. Her work features on one of the largest education channels on YouTube.