Magnus Roos

Magnus is a UX Designer and Visual Storyteller with 10+ years of experience designing and delivering performance-driven web applications and marketing solutions across diverse industries, including, but not limited to, advertising, healthcare, legal, and consumer goods and services. He prides himself on communicating great design and crafting best-of-breed experiences on—and beyond—the screen and is passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best: be human. Magnus brings a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture and content strategy, user interface design, and usability testing. He has a proven track record of leading clients and project teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting direction that effectively combines user, business, and development goals. Magnus also has an MBA and experience in brand and product management, bringing to life digital strategy and marketing programs. He uses data analysis and team leadership skills to make informed decisions and create a path and vision for teams to execute. His background, experience, and versatile skill set allows him to identify, articulate, and bridge the gap between business objectives and creative execution.

Justin Gilman

I am currently owner of Studio Rubric,  a remote team of designers, strategists, and developers who build websites and design digital products. I chose to start my own studio after experiencing the life of a designer for smaller companies and global ad agencies. I wanted to be my own boss — set my schedule, choose my clients, grow a team, and launch awesome work. Being a designer and starting a studio has taught me many things that I want to share with you!