Yamini Masterson

I’m a UX Researcher with over 5 years of industry, academia, and non-profit experience as an independent mixed-methods practitioner and team leader with a participatory style. My research is focused on the areas of personal health informatics, participatory healthcare, and accessibility. My values for this process are compassion, communal harmony and flourishing, and equity and sustainability.


Sunit Sharma

I have been a Product Designer focus on User Experience and User Interface design with 10+ years of experience in working with amazing organisations. I am a passionate lover of design research because it gives me a broad perspective of business from users, products, and a host of other things.

I have spent most of my time working on mobile applications and I like to think of myself as experienced, having worked over 10 years with companies like Snapdeal, CarWale, Ymedialabs, and Mindtree. My experience has helped me become a master at product management and design, and I can effectively work on User Experience (UX), Visual design, Heads Up Display (HUD), mobile Apps, and building strategy for a redesign.

Strategizing is a strong suit of mine, and I do this at a top-level because I have what I call “people knowledge”, not so strange considering I’m a graduate of business. I am always learning new design trends and patterns every day, and as such I get inspired by other designers’ work and their designed interactions.


Alok Dubey

I’m a software developer turned designer. I’ve been designing products for over six years. Because I transitioned from a developer to a designer, I understand the challenges people face when switching careers. And my coding background also helps me when I’m working with developers.
As a designer, I like to touch every aspect of product building. I have worked on various products ranging from B2B to B2C, web to native mobile apps. Apart from working on scaled products, I’ve also worked with many startups to build the product from scratch.


Marion Renard

In 2019, I retrained and got a degree as a Web developer. I have now been working as a full-stack developer for 2 years in a nice company that makes web apps, e-commerce sites, and professional software. On the side, I also like to help out more junior or in-training developers as I know it can be difficult to find the right information even though everything can be found on the internet. A mentor is here to give direction and also moral support.



Karl Nieberding

I am an analytical UX designer with a technical background, focused on user research and concept generation. I believe UX functions best as the product team’s connection to the customer, developing functional prototypes to meet user needs. With me you will get a great blend of process and practical knowledge of how to efficiently design the right product to solve the right problem. Designed projects for eBay, Salesforce, GE, Microsoft, Mayo Clinic, and consumer startups in US and Europe.





Vadim Makoyed

Vadim Makoyed

I am a web designer running a creative studio in Portland, OR. During the past 14 years, I was privileged to work with world-class designers and companies through whom I have learned a lot. Now, I’m ready to share over a decade of experience in web design and user experience with you.




Gerrit Boogaart

I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, from a tiny retail company to a global ad agency. My passion is creating big data visualizations that is usable and easy to understand in one glance by the customer. I enjoy coding in React the most.