Elina Zhang

Rachel is a senior UX/service design consultant and mentor who has worked in international design agencies, startups and big corporates and also as a freelancer with many years of experience in various industries such as mobility and e-commerce. She has mentored many students online and helped them land a job as UI/UX designers or researchers.

Howard Huang

Engineer, Business Consultant, Service Designer, UX Designer, and now, Product Designer. Whatever the title you want to call me, whatever the stage I am, I am simply a problem solver that advocate for the users. I am focusing on Service/ UX design. By utilising the most strategic methods to holistic approach and deliver meaningful experiences and beneficial values.

Hannah Chen

Hannah is currently a Product Design Lead at Lyft. She has been designing innovative solutions for a wide range of products: Lyft’s front light-up emblem, Google Assistant, Google Payment, Oracle HR software, and more. Hannah has hands-on expertise in interaction design from the web to mobile, to voice, and light. You can ask her about general UX best practices, portfolio feedback, design interviews, design sprint facilitation, UX strategy, UX career growth, or even life advice.

Poyi Chen

After obtaining an Art degree from UC Berkeley, I started out working as a Graphic/UI Designer for a startup in San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, I’ve shifted into UX Design and have worked for companies of various size in the education, science, and travel industry.


Leo Lin

I have been creating things, mostly digital product to support businesses grow up through design.

My longest stint was at DBS Bank Group Design, as it scaled from 5 to 100+ teammates lay the digital foundations of the financial products cross regions.

In my spare time, enjoy hanging at the museum to pondering the connection between society and humanity.