Mathijs Sterrenburg

Hello, I’m Math! I’m an awards-winning creative director, allround designer & teacher from the Netherlands. I love to help people get better at design, and use it in such a way that it helps the world for the better.

Glenn Veugen

As a freelancer, I have worked in various industries, such as banking, aviation, telecom, game development, and hospitality. I have worked in large corporate in-house teams, smaller agency teams, and solo-assignment for the smaller, but not less glorious clients :). Because of the variety that I enjoyed as a freelancer, my experience has a broad range, and I can advice on many aspects of digital design, and working as a digital designer in general. Next to that, I have been mentoring students online as well, and my main focus in teaching is to help designers understand and identify the right problem to solve, before even thinking about solutions.


Claudia Mayer

Business coaching for established designers and creative professionals. With a designer’s mindset and an entrepreneur’s focus, Claudia Mayer bridges the gap between creative talent, design, and successful business. As an expert business coach for established graphic designers, illustrators, 3D/UX/UI designers and other creatives, Claudia assists you in taking strategic action to achieve professional growth and sustainable success.

Susanne Steinbach

I’m a freelance Product (UX/UI) Designer with over 10 years of experience, studying and working for large international companies as well as start-ups and growing businesses. I will help you on your path to reaching your full potential, getting your career started, or creating a portfolio. Whatever you need. I specialize in User Experience, processes, UI Designs, and prototyping.