Giorgio Schiro

I’m a Product Designer with a background in development and furniture design too. I work in London as a UI/UX Designer for a smart analytics company. In the last 7 years, I’ve worked with big brands, innovative startups, fashion and tech companies in both Italy and the UK. My main goal is to create clean and user-friendly experiences, with a focus on product optimisation. The real goal is having fun while I’m doing it.

Andrea Soverini

Andrea is a senior UX and Product Designer working remotely with startups around the world. After studying computer science and starting his career as an interaction developer, Andrea quickly moved into UX while working for a million dollar fashion online shop in Italy. There he grew a team and set up a UX practice before moving to London. After working for a couple of startups in London and in running projects in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Andrea moved to Sydney to work for agencies with international clients. Thanks to a wide range of projects, roles and type of companies Andrea is now able to help startups solving strategy and design challenges.

Lucas Otsuka

Today, I design and build prototypes that show customers the “Art of the Possible”, using AWS services related to Machine Learning, IoT, robotics, computer vision, and others. I started as a web developer and later found my true calling in Design. I’ve led a student design project by getting financed, patented, and delivered to the American and European markets with the help of Airbus and 3D Systems. Previously, I’ve worked with Design Sprints, Design Systems and product design at startups such as Taqtile, Udacity, and QuintoAndar.

Luca Longo

Luca is a designer with 8 years of experience in web technologies, design and marketing, focusing on User Experience for Web, Mobile and Smartwatches. He’s worked with brands like Easyjet, TUI UK, Barclays, Harrods, Sony and more. He loves helping companies reduce costs and increase revenue by solving complex system-level design and marketing issues/problems, understanding a variety of user types and developing creative solutions that increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.