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Brad Weaver

Partner & Experience Principal, The Banner Years

Atlanta, United States

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For Brad, it's all about the experience. Where do we start, how do we get there, and what happens after. If he can't answer these questions, he's going to dig and fight until he can, every time. It all started because he went to school to be a lawyer. From there, Brad realized that investigation and documentation are way more fun than they sound. That lead him down the road of design and creative, and along the way he realized he wanted to write books and make movies, too. So, he did. Brad has spent the last two decades writing books, making movies, and managing creative for some of the biggest brands in the world. He’s equally good at being a writer, designer, developer, researcher, filmmaker, keynote speaker, stuntman, and using Oxford commas. From his first job pumping gas and stocking beer coolers at age 12 through leadership time at American Eagle, Verizon, Suckerpunch, Nine Labs, and The Banner Years–he’s been building the best experiences around. Brad has worked with brands including Vice, Disney, Verizon, Turner, MTV, Warner Brothers, Holiday Inn, IHG, Coca-Cola, ESPN, CAA, NPR, Salesforce, American Eagle, NATO, Lionsgate, Kimpton, Playstation, AT&T, SunTrust, Olive Garden, Blizzard, Xbox, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Twilio, Autotrader, United Health Group, UPS, Chick-fil-A, The Home Depot, Macy's, Hard Rock Cafe, GE, Nokia, Sony, and Microsoft. Yes, he is that Brad Weaver that was in a bunch of movies, but no he is not secretly Damien Lewis.

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