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Bruno Saez

UX Designer, Stratio

Madrid, Spain

Participating in these Mentor Programs: Building, Launching

I am Bruno, UX designer who currently works building interfaces for Big Data software products. I am expert creating Design Systems based on atoms. I have more than 20 years of experience in the design field. I have redesigned apps, websites (with more than 5 million visitors per day), newspapers and magazines. For more than 10 years i was Chief Design Officer of MARCA, the most read newspaper in Spain. I have worked in agencies big media companies and i freelance from time to time making websites, logos, art catalogs, magazines and newspapers redesigns, posters, cd covers, etc. I mentor some students every year in a Design Master Degree here in Spain. I teach at the University web design, responsive techniques, how to create grids, design trends, tricks related to css and js to make wow effects and usability. I love to create pixel perfect designs, typography, micro interactions, play the guitar and go to the mountains.  

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