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Courtney Eliseo

Self-employed, En Route Workshop

Seattle, United States

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My 16+ years of experience in the design field began in New York City. There, the early years of my career were spent at a traditional design agency where I gained an immense amount of knowledge about every aspect of the field— from print to production to client management and more. Though this process I eventually honed in on branding as the area of design where my passion lies. Since then, I’ve built a business focused on helping small businesses and start-ups of all kinds bring their brands to life. With industry experience encompassing fields such as tech, retail, beauty, hospitality and education, the core focus of my work has been developing brands that are timeless, authentic and rooted in an empathetic customer focus. My guidance will be most helpful for those who are looking to improve their branding skills, sharpen their designer-client communication, or work on transitioning into a freelance or independent design career.  

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