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Kyle Courtright

Designer and Founder, Logo Wave Awards International

Rio Rancho, United States

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Kyle is an award-winning Brand Designer who's been fortunate enough to work with organizations and Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Chipotle, Lowe's, Walmart, Entrepreneur, the NFL, the NBA and USA Olympics. Aside from running his independent design business, Kyle is the founder of Logo Wave Awards International, a logo awards platform rewarding and recognizing designers to bring positive career impact. He also created the Logo Inspiration Generator Tool and authored The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design, now purchased by creatives from 6 continents spanning over 60 countries. When it comes down to it, Kyle is uber-passionate about helping designers like you reach your creative goals. Whether it's helping you find design clients, learning how to price your creative services, writing design proposals that win, combating imposter syndrome, sharing efficient tools/resources, and/or getting feedback on design work, he wants to help take your design career to that next level. Click the "Book Now" button below and reach out to Kyle today!

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