• Front-End Web Dev.
    • Interaction Design
    • Product Design
    • UI Design
    • UX Design
    • UX Developer
    • UX Research
    • Visual Design

Lucas Otsuka

Sr. Design Technologist, Amazon Web Services

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Today, I design and build prototypes that show customers the "Art of the Possible", using AWS services related to Machine Learning, IoT, robotics, computer vision, and others. I started as a web developer and later found my true calling in Design. I've led a student design project by getting financed, patented, and delivered to the American and European markets with the help of Airbus and 3D Systems. Previously, I've worked with Design Sprints, Design Systems and product design at startups such as Taqtile, Udacity, and QuintoAndar.

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