Christopher Carter

Enterprise UX Teams | Startup UX Teams | UX Team of One | Agency UX Team | UX Strategy | Mentor | Coach, with a focus on Story Telling, UX Strategy, Innovation, Freelance, Human Centered Service Design, and Impactful Presentations.

Currently a Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. I have 12 years of experience as a UX Designer working on leading research to prototyping full scale prototypes. I have worked for companies like Audi, Indeed, EDF Energy, and more. In my career I have been part of startups that have sold for $128M and also ones that have failed. I have been on global UX teams for Audi and national UX teams for The Home Depot. I can help you with your UX needs because I have been a UX Manager, UX Lead, and in other roles the only UX Designer. I am a full stack ux designer from Strategy and Research to UI, Interaction, and Prototyping. Join me and let’s get you to your goals.

Magnus Roos

Magnus is a UX Designer and Visual Storyteller with 10+ years of experience designing and delivering performance-driven web applications and marketing solutions across diverse industries, including, but not limited to, advertising, healthcare, legal, and consumer goods and services. He prides himself on communicating great design and crafting best-of-breed experiences on—and beyond—the screen and is passionate about shaping products and services that help people focus on what they do best: be human. Magnus brings a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture and content strategy, user interface design, and usability testing. He has a proven track record of leading clients and project teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting direction that effectively combines user, business, and development goals. Magnus also has an MBA and experience in brand and product management, bringing to life digital strategy and marketing programs. He uses data analysis and team leadership skills to make informed decisions and create a path and vision for teams to execute. His background, experience, and versatile skill set allows him to identify, articulate, and bridge the gap between business objectives and creative execution.

Deborah Dennis

I am a UX Design & Research expert in analyzing users needs and crafting creative and engaging interaction designs. I am well versed in making complex products into simple easy to use products. I’ve designed mobile, web and SaaS apps for Visa, Apple, Intel, Autodesk, Symantec, and multiple startups. I’m currently an independent UX consultant.

Elina Zhang

Rachel is a senior UX/service design consultant and mentor who has worked in international design agencies, startups and big corporates and also as a freelancer with many years of experience in various industries such as mobility and e-commerce. She has mentored many students online and helped them land a job as UI/UX designers or researchers.

Justin Gilman

I am currently owner of Studio Rubric,  a remote team of designers, strategists, and developers who build websites and design digital products. I chose to start my own studio after experiencing the life of a designer for smaller companies and global ad agencies. I wanted to be my own boss — set my schedule, choose my clients, grow a team, and launch awesome work. Being a designer and starting a studio has taught me many things that I want to share with you!



Janis Yee

With a passion for Design, Accessibility, and User Research, Janis has made a career as a designer, an educator and local guest speaker. Her articles on Medium have been featured in and UXResearchTO. Her talks were hosted at local events by Wordcamp, A11yTO, and the RGD. Since 2004, she has watched the tech industry evolve, and adapted with it – moving from humble roots in Graphic Design to becoming a self-taught UX and Accessibility professional. The gamut of her experience encompasses organizations of all sizes from early stage startups to large corporations including Scotiabank, Canada Post, and Rogers Media. Throughout, she has held numerous positions as both Senior Designer and Accessibility Lead. As an educator, she has taught and mentored design students at General Assembly Toronto and Ladies Learning Code. She continues to assist designers of all stages in their career, including providing advice on job readiness, career advancement, changing careers, and those seeking to enter the tech industry. Her unique experience and exposure also allows her to provide insightful assistance to individuals seeking to learn more about accessibility and user research.

Nicole Saidy

I’m a UI/UX designer with 7+ years of experience. I’ve been a design consultant & digital nomad for the past 2 years. I’m on a mission to inspire people about design by traveling around the world to speak at international conferences, coach at Le Wagon coding bootcamp and write design articles on my blog. My freelance work focuses on the full UI/UX design process from wireframing to prototyping to light front-end development.



Ruben Santa

My name is Ruben, I’m a UX Designer at YouTube where I focus on the main app experience. Prior to my role at YouTube & Google, I founded a San Francisco based startup with the goal of helping to reduce world hunger ( Prior to that, I worked as a UX designer at eBay, Warner Brothers & few more creative companies. In my experiences I’ve been a part of several collaborative team-design efforts. Varying from experience design research to interactive product development – fully immersed in the process from concept to execution. Through these experiences I’ve had the opportunity to lead and collaborate with a diverse set of talented designers, researchers & engineers. Looking forward to connecting.


Courtney Eliseo

My 16+ years of experience in the design field began in New York City. There, the early years of my career were spent at a traditional design agency where I gained an immense amount of knowledge about every aspect of the field— from print to production to client management and more. Though this process I eventually honed in on branding as the area of design where my passion lies. Since then, I’ve built a business focused on helping small businesses and start-ups of all kinds bring their brands to life. With industry experience encompassing fields such as tech, retail, beauty, hospitality and education, the core focus of my work has been developing brands that are timeless, authentic and rooted in an empathetic customer focus. My guidance will be most helpful for those who are looking to improve their branding skills, sharpen their designer-client communication, or work on transitioning into a freelance or independent design career.


Kaci Obrero

A seasoned and accomplished illustrator/graphic designer with over ten years of experience an extensive background in character conception, style guide illustration, photo retouching/compositing, color correction, children’s books, photo realistic illustration along with DVD and movie key art. Illustration, design, character conception, photo-compositing, photo-retouching, and style guide work on many exciting projects, including Despicable Me, The Lorax, Minions, Pets, Curious George, Monster High, Barbie, Sing, and Urban Decay.