Christopher Carter

Enterprise UX Teams | Startup UX Teams | UX Team of One | Agency UX Team | UX Strategy | Mentor | Coach, with a focus on Story Telling, UX Strategy, Innovation, Freelance, Human Centered Service Design, and Impactful Presentations.

Currently a Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. I have 12 years of experience as a UX Designer working on leading research to prototyping full scale prototypes. I have worked for companies like Audi, Indeed, EDF Energy, and more. In my career I have been part of startups that have sold for $128M and also ones that have failed. I have been on global UX teams for Audi and national UX teams for The Home Depot. I can help you with your UX needs because I have been a UX Manager, UX Lead, and in other roles the only UX Designer. I am a full stack ux designer from Strategy and Research to UI, Interaction, and Prototyping. Join me and let’s get you to your goals.

Janis Yee

With a passion for Design, Accessibility, and User Research, Janis has made a career as a designer, an educator and local guest speaker. Her articles on Medium have been featured in and UXResearchTO. Her talks were hosted at local events by Wordcamp, A11yTO, and the RGD. Since 2004, she has watched the tech industry evolve, and adapted with it – moving from humble roots in Graphic Design to becoming a self-taught UX and Accessibility professional. The gamut of her experience encompasses organizations of all sizes from early stage startups to large corporations including Scotiabank, Canada Post, and Rogers Media. Throughout, she has held numerous positions as both Senior Designer and Accessibility Lead. As an educator, she has taught and mentored design students at General Assembly Toronto and Ladies Learning Code. She continues to assist designers of all stages in their career, including providing advice on job readiness, career advancement, changing careers, and those seeking to enter the tech industry. Her unique experience and exposure also allows her to provide insightful assistance to individuals seeking to learn more about accessibility and user research.

Nicole Saidy

I’m a UI/UX designer with 7+ years of experience. I’ve been a design consultant & digital nomad for the past 2 years. I’m on a mission to inspire people about design by traveling around the world to speak at international conferences, coach at Le Wagon coding bootcamp and write design articles on my blog. My freelance work focuses on the full UI/UX design process from wireframing to prototyping to light front-end development.



Mo Touman

I am an accomplished UX/UI designer with 10+ years of industry experience focused on understanding users’ behaviours, their social and behavioural triggers and identifying and designing for all touchpoints of the user experience. I have worked on a large number of projects across industry including British Telecom’s UX Centre of Excellence, Plusnet and many startups. I led the UX & UI design of B2B and B2C portals, Mobile Apps, Interactive TV and Gaming Apps across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), Conversational Interfaces, AR & VR apps, service delivery, corporate security, VoIP apps and have great familiarity with coding and cloud platforms such as AWS and Low code (OutSystems).


Akriti Kaur

Hi, I’m Akriti Kaur , a User Experience designer and/or researcher currently pursuing my Master’s at the iSchool, University of Toronto. I strive to build meaningful experiences for users while effectively fulfilling business goals. User research, prototyping and usability testing are some of my expert areas. Over the years I’ve conducted research studies and published papers in the field of HCI and am looking forward to share my knowledge with potential mentees.


Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu is a product designer focused on creating products that are accessible, usable and delightful. Her favourite topics are emotional design, friction and error prevention. Having worked as a software engineer for half her career, Chimmy is able to translate user needs, technical limitations & business goals into designs that evoke emotion and connection. Over the last decade, Chimmy has worked with heritage brands like British Airways, Vogue and GQ to transform their offerings and deliver pioneering products and experiences for their users. She also works with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them understand people and how to connect with them. Chimmy also writes, speaks and leads workshops on inclusive product design.


Sultan Shalakhti

Sultan is a Digital Product Designer who creates beautiful and easy-to-use digital products. He has deep experience in communication design, User experience, Mobile / devices user interface, digital advertising, and more. He recently revamped some Arab influential online sites, like,, and ICT Qatar (key sites in MENA). He also handled and managed the creative for big projects like the Newssnapr app, Think Arabia, Jeeran, Cakelicious Group, Nestle, General Electric & Samsung to name a few.


Glenn Ference

Hi there! My name is Glenn and I’m a Senior User Researcher and Freelancer. I’ve been in the UX industry for around 7 years now and I’ve worked at large corporations, startups, and even as a full-time UX Instructor! I believe that technology is an incredibly powerful tool that when wielded properly, can augment our world in wonderful ways. Oh, and I’m an INTJ 😉


Stefanie Kraus

I am a UX Designer with an 18-year history at startups and large corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have worked as a Senior Product Designer at Apple and headed up design at small and medium-sized startups. In 2016, I founded skrausdesign. As an independent consultant, I work with clients across various industries, such as education, venture capital, travel, and media. Connecting with my clients is essential to me, which is why I only focus on a few major projects at a time. Being my own boss also allows me to do pro bono work for a number of animal rescues and sanctuaries. I love what I do, and I love to help others 🙂


Suzanne Balima

I am a fun, energetic and curious designer, who focuses on strategic design & human centred design (UX and service design). If you’re interested in creating design that supports business value, you’ll enjoy working with me! My expertise is in the Design Thinking process and how you can leverage it to create innovative designs – communication design, product design, visual design, strategic and business design; I also have expertise in UX design (with a strong focus on design research, interaction design and information architecture). In my full time role, I work on the UX for digital products powered by AI – how do you design an interface that has a dynamic back-end? If you’re interested in exploring this space, I can also shed some light on that! As a designer working in the business environment, I can show you ways to leverage the design discipline in a business context. I can help you with business design, strategic foresight as well as workshop facilitation to bring design and other disciplines together!