Glenn Ference

Hi there! My name is Glenn and I’m a Senior User Researcher and Freelancer. I’ve been in the UX industry for around 7 years now and I’ve worked at large corporations, startups, and even as a full-time UX Instructor! I believe that technology is an incredibly powerful tool that when wielded properly, can augment our world in wonderful ways. Oh, and I’m an INTJ 😉


Judy Shaul

I’m a creative and analytical UX designer with over a decade of experience in digital projects. I worked for many years in the education industry at Victoria University in Melbourne as well as the job-seeking industry at industry-leader SEEK. I am currently exploring my more creative side with a UX role at custom clothing manufacturer Reform Clothing, working to expand their online garment customization features and the self-service ordering platform with a great digital product team. I have also worked as a graphic design lecturer and course coordinator at a private design college in South Africa, teaching subjects that ranged from conceptual design to technical tutorials in the Adobe suite.