Bradley Gabr-Ryn

Bradley is a Design Lead based in Cambridge, England; currently helping to build products with the team at MetaLab. Prior to joining MetaLab, Bradley worked on Community Integrity at Facebook, and founded Caus – a product design studio focussed on mental health and design ethics. Outside of his day job, he regularly speaks at conferences, facilitates workshops, and writes about design (amongst other things) on Medium and his newsletter. At the core of all his work lies the belief that technology should be designed with mental health in mind from the outset. Whether it’s a social app, utility tool, or a mindfulness experience; we have the responsibility to make our products kinder to all.

Julien Deveaux

I am a designer, a creative entrepreneur, and a teacher. I specialize in strategy, interaction design, and product design. I am a full-stack UX specialist who loves collaborating on complex projects and bringing life to creative solutions. My former students now work at Amazon, Samsung, Sony, United Airlines, among others.



Alok Dubey

I’m a software developer turned designer. I’ve been designing products for over six years. Because I transitioned from a developer to a designer, I understand the challenges people face when switching careers. And my coding background also helps me when I’m working with developers.
As a designer, I like to touch every aspect of product building. I have worked on various products ranging from B2B to B2C, web to native mobile apps. Apart from working on scaled products, I’ve also worked with many startups to build the product from scratch.