Kevin Conboy

I’m a UX designer, visual designer, and front-end developer of large-scale web applications. I’ve worked in-house on products –,, among others – as well as for clients like The New York Times, Ping Identity, and Merrill Lynch. I’ve specialized in web application interface design and development for content management and data visualization.

Bence Csernak

Full-stack User Experience Consultant and Product Design Lead focusing on Fintech, Enterprise Software, Cyber Security and Health Care. I work seamlessly embedded in an agile software development team from inception to delivery. I collaborate with clients, stakeholders, product owners and developers. Previously I worked for NatWest Markets, HSBC and a couple of UK and European banks and Fintech startups like Origin, furthermore household brands like Liberty Global and Vodafone. I worked as a freelancer, in-house contractor as well as permanent employee at design studios.


Marion Renard

In 2019, I retrained and got a degree as a Web developer. I have now been working as a full-stack developer for 2 years in a nice company that makes web apps, e-commerce sites, and professional software. On the side, I also like to help out more junior or in-training developers as I know it can be difficult to find the right information even though everything can be found on the internet. A mentor is here to give direction and also moral support.



Gerrit Boogaart

I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, from a tiny retail company to a global ad agency. My passion is creating big data visualizations that is usable and easy to understand in one glance by the customer. I enjoy coding in React the most.