Anina Lambrechts

I have over 9 years of tech experience and a UX & UI designer for over 6 years. I focus on designers transitioning into UX, junior designers, designing in a startup, and remote design. I mentor because feel it’s my responsibility as a designer to share my knowledge and make you a better designer.


Iain Heath

Product Experience Designer, Writer and Mentor; contributing to design at Sainsbury’s. Managing the product experience for colleague tools by crafting experiences, so Sainsbury’s can continue to evolve, as a modern digital retailer. Using diverse thinking to solve human problems in the modern world. Writer for UX Collective, an independent design publication built to curate and elevate unheard design voices all over the world (ISSN: 2766-5267). And mentoring at Sainsbury’s, Loughborough University, De Montfort University and through Interaction Design Foundation courses. I’ve worked as an Experience Designer for over 12 years both client side and agency side. During that time I’ve supported the digital strategy and creation of design teams across 2 large national brands. Currently as a hiring manager I care deeply about the personal development of my own team (and wider design team), so I’ve been leading a design mentoring scheme of 10+ mentoring pairs for over a year now.

Tiffany Eaton

Tiffany Eaton is an Interaction Designer working on messaging and communication tools for the next billion users at Google. As a design advocate, Tiffany writes about her experiences weekly on Medium (@tiffanyeaton), mentors designers in her spare time, and collaborates with companies on social good initiatives through freelance design and writing. She enjoys conducting portfolio reviews and has helped numerous students and professionals get jobs through writing and mentorship. Tiffany is a great go-to person for students looking for internships or jobs, designers just starting out in their careers, and for individuals looking to make their next career jump.


Ana Santos

Ana currently has her own UX agency based in Portugal. Formerly at Google, she has also worked with several agencies, start-ups and as an independent consultant for corporate clients. At Google Portugal she has co-led the mobile UX initiative, working with some of the biggest Portuguese companies across different industries, helping them improve their mobile user experience and make use of the modern mobile web technologies to their advantage. She has also collaborated with global teams at Google for global mobile UX initiatives.


Glenn Veugen

As a freelancer, I have worked in various industries, such as banking, aviation, telecom, game development, and hospitality. I have worked in large corporate in-house teams, smaller agency teams, and solo-assignment for the smaller, but not less glorious clients :). Because of the variety that I enjoyed as a freelancer, my experience has a broad range, and I can advice on many aspects of digital design, and working as a digital designer in general. Next to that, I have been mentoring students online as well, and my main focus in teaching is to help designers understand and identify the right problem to solve, before even thinking about solutions.


Mahkameh Shirazi

I am a design generalist with over a decade of experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain skills in print and digital design throughout my career and study. After deepening my skills in print design, I shifted my focus to UX, UI and Interaction Design, I’ve had experienced of working with startup, medium and large corporate companies. I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring and guiding young professionals towards their career goals and realizing their fullest potential.


Natalia Gorelova

Hi there! I still consider myself fairly new to UX/UI and product design. I had to learn FAST what the best UX courses are, the software, design principles and best practices, how to prepare for job interviews, how to land my first (and second and third) job, and finally how to succeed and thrive in my new career. I have an inquisitive mind coupled with a determination to learn and grow as a designer so if you’re looking for a mentor who is armed with a wealth of practical advice and still remembers what it’s like to be a novice, get in touch 🙂


Silvia Script

Silvia is a Senior User Experience and Interface Designer with front-end development expertise. Designed iOS applications featured in the Apple App Store’s Best New Apps, Lifestyle, Productivity and Sports categories. Approaches challenges to design adaptable solutions to complex problems. Collaborates with managers, developers, and clients to design products useful to targeted audiences. She teaches visual design and digital applications to students from various fields. Creates new curriculum based on industry standards to provide students real-world context and application of design concepts. Cumulatively taught more than 500 students in part-time courses, bootcamps and workshops as of 2020.


Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu is a product designer focused on creating products that are accessible, usable and delightful. Her favourite topics are emotional design, friction and error prevention. Having worked as a software engineer for half her career, Chimmy is able to translate user needs, technical limitations & business goals into designs that evoke emotion and connection. Over the last decade, Chimmy has worked with heritage brands like British Airways, Vogue and GQ to transform their offerings and deliver pioneering products and experiences for their users. She also works with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them understand people and how to connect with them. Chimmy also writes, speaks and leads workshops on inclusive product design.


Sultan Shalakhti

Sultan is a Digital Product Designer who creates beautiful and easy-to-use digital products. He has deep experience in communication design, User experience, Mobile / devices user interface, digital advertising, and more. He recently revamped some Arab influential online sites, like,, and ICT Qatar (key sites in MENA). He also handled and managed the creative for big projects like the Newssnapr app, Think Arabia, Jeeran, Cakelicious Group, Nestle, General Electric & Samsung to name a few.