Kevin Conboy

I’m a UX designer, visual designer, and front-end developer of large-scale web applications. I’ve worked in-house on products –,, among others – as well as for clients like The New York Times, Ping Identity, and Merrill Lynch. I’ve specialized in web application interface design and development for content management and data visualization.

Ruben Santa

My name is Ruben, I’m a UX Designer at YouTube where I focus on the main app experience. Prior to my role at YouTube & Google, I founded a San Francisco based startup with the goal of helping to reduce world hunger ( Prior to that, I worked as a UX designer at eBay, Warner Brothers & few more creative companies. In my experiences I’ve been a part of several collaborative team-design efforts. Varying from experience design research to interactive product development – fully immersed in the process from concept to execution. Through these experiences I’ve had the opportunity to lead and collaborate with a diverse set of talented designers, researchers & engineers. Looking forward to connecting.


Paul Parsons

I teach in an innovative studio-based UX design program that covers many topics across the UX design process, including user research, prototyping, and testing. I do qualitative and quantitative research on human subjects, investigating issues such as performance and user engagement. I also study design education and design practice.


Joah Gerstenberg

Joah is a self-taught Frontend Engineer with experience in Fintech and IoT, as well as an array of other industries through freelancing. Joah is passionate about learning low-level core principles to enable developers to unlock their potential, rather than being constricted to a specific framework or ideology.


Nikhil Yadav

I am currently working in Gojek as Product Designer on Chat & Communication Platform for more than 2 yrs now where I am in charge of handling communication and chat experiences inside Gojek app, defining ways in which customers connect with each other, drivers, merchants, or the customer agents. I also worked on experiences for ensuring the security & safety of the user. Being a self-taught designer, I realise the value of good mentorship and I want to give back to the community by sharing whatever I’ve learned over the years. I can help you in upskilling your documentation skills, thinking in system & frameworks and caring about the end to end experiences.

Jonathan Haines

I’m a UX Designer and Consultant, skilled in design thinking and technical documentation. I led the design for education platform and created instructional material for two prominent tech programs. My skills vary from technical writing to visual design.


Leo Tucker

I’ve made apps for invoicing, time tracking, faxing, real-estate, advertising and more. When a customer or a friend says “can you build this?” my eyes light up because I know it’s time to put on my “make-stuff” hat. I work in a custom software shop so making cool and useful things is my day job. In my spare time I moonlight as a freelance developer and IT fix-it-man to whomever needs a hired gun for their project. Talking to people and helping them with problems is my passion.


Anand Safi

I am and Engineering Manager for Mark43 – a public safety software company. Over the past decade, I have progressed from starting as an aspiring engineer to becoming an engineering leader.

I am also is a Startup Advisor, Volunteer Board Member and an established tech mentor outside of my role.I love reading about engineering culture, team dynamics and new advancements in tech.


Gerrit Boogaart

I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, from a tiny retail company to a global ad agency. My passion is creating big data visualizations that is usable and easy to understand in one glance by the customer. I enjoy coding in React the most.