Nicole Saidy

I’m a UI/UX designer with 7+ years of experience. I’ve been a design consultant & digital nomad for the past 2 years. I’m on a mission to inspire people about design by traveling around the world to speak at international conferences, coach at Le Wagon coding bootcamp and write design articles on my blog. My freelance work focuses on the full UI/UX design process from wireframing to prototyping to light front-end development.



Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu is a product designer focused on creating products that are accessible, usable and delightful. Her favourite topics are emotional design, friction and error prevention. Having worked as a software engineer for half her career, Chimmy is able to translate user needs, technical limitations & business goals into designs that evoke emotion and connection. Over the last decade, Chimmy has worked with heritage brands like British Airways, Vogue and GQ to transform their offerings and deliver pioneering products and experiences for their users. She also works with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them understand people and how to connect with them. Chimmy also writes, speaks and leads workshops on inclusive product design.


Andrea Soverini

Andrea is a senior UX and Product Designer working remotely with startups around the world. After studying computer science and starting his career as an interaction developer, Andrea quickly moved into UX while working for a million dollar fashion online shop in Italy. There he grew a team and set up a UX practice before moving to London. After working for a couple of startups in London and in running projects in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Andrea moved to Sydney to work for agencies with international clients. Thanks to a wide range of projects, roles and type of companies Andrea is now able to help startups solving strategy and design challenges.

Vamsee Kalangi

I am a Product Designer(UI/UX) and a Design Sprint Facilitator with 8+ years of professional experience. Currently, I am a Design Mentor and a Community Manager for a non-profit organization. So far I have mentored 40+ designers (beginners to senior-level designers) spread across 4 different time zones and I believe that mentoring is bidirectional learning.


Lau Yamazaki

I am a Strategic Partner / Head of Design @ with 20 years of experience working in the Interactive Communication and Digital Marketing field and 15+ years as a teacher. I am passionate about digital life, digital interfaces, digital marketing, technology and focused on working with product development by managing teams, researching, designing interfaces and applying creative methodologies and digital strategies for innovative outcomes. As a team player, I tend to view myself as a committed and rigorous person and have a strong background in design, digital marketing, visual, creative and art direction.

Julien Deveaux

I am a designer, a creative entrepreneur, and a teacher. I specialize in strategy, interaction design, and product design. I am a full-stack UX specialist who loves collaborating on complex projects and bringing life to creative solutions. My former students now work at Amazon, Samsung, Sony, United Airlines, among others.