Nick Finck

Nick Finck is a UX professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. He strives to improve people’s lives through crafting well-designed experiences that matter. Nick currently consults businesses on UX design and research through Craft & Rigor in Seattle. Before this, he was in leadership roles at Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Ubermind, Deloitte Digital, projekt202, and his own agency Blue Flavor.

Nick’s contributions to the UX community go far and wide. He is an experienced public speaker and has given over 102 talks in 10 countries. He has mentored countless industry professionals and career transitioners. Nick is also the curator of, a resource for UX professionals in the greater Seattle area. Earlier in his career, he was the publisher of Digital Web Magazine, an online magazine for web professionals.

Lia Fetterhoff

I design with intention and align for impact, and my strengths are in interaction design and systems thinking. I tackle end-to-end product design strategy, planning, definition, execution and delivery. I’m an ex-Googler, and also have experience in freelancing, startups as well as user research, content strategy. I also run Roseville UX, a local design community, and co-created the Life Experience Design podcast.

Ruben Santa

My name is Ruben, I’m a UX Designer at YouTube where I focus on the main app experience. Prior to my role at YouTube & Google, I founded a San Francisco based startup with the goal of helping to reduce world hunger ( Prior to that, I worked as a UX designer at eBay, Warner Brothers & few more creative companies. In my experiences I’ve been a part of several collaborative team-design efforts. Varying from experience design research to interactive product development – fully immersed in the process from concept to execution. Through these experiences I’ve had the opportunity to lead and collaborate with a diverse set of talented designers, researchers & engineers. Looking forward to connecting.


Nikos Kotsakis

I am a design practice leader and co-founder of notallbad, working as a consultant focusing on UX and service design in both start-up and corporate environments. I’ve implemented design practices in both business cultures with many years of experience in Product, UX Design, UX Management & Strategy. As a designer, I am focused on creating human-centric solutions and interactions, and I look for opportunities to challenge the norm by utilizing best practice Design Thinking. Through extensive research and following innovative design patterns, I help companies to ask the right questions and find the right solutions, shaping their business proposition, customer service, and user experience focused on real people. Leading design teams and design reviews for different projects and companies in the past, I have supported young professionals, stakeholders, and people transitioning to UX, with the development of their career in design. In collaboration with design professors and other mentors, I also had the chance to dive deeper into mentoring and influence the future of design and technology. Through a practice-based learning process, we shaped the curriculum for Interaction Design degree, built on human-centered design principles and methods, for students, and creative entrepreneurship.


Glenn Veugen

As a freelancer, I have worked in various industries, such as banking, aviation, telecom, game development, and hospitality. I have worked in large corporate in-house teams, smaller agency teams, and solo-assignment for the smaller, but not less glorious clients :). Because of the variety that I enjoyed as a freelancer, my experience has a broad range, and I can advice on many aspects of digital design, and working as a digital designer in general. Next to that, I have been mentoring students online as well, and my main focus in teaching is to help designers understand and identify the right problem to solve, before even thinking about solutions.


Catherine Hicks

I am a UX/UI professional with over 20 years in the tech industry, focusing on consulting for both large companies (like Apple/Cisco/Google) as well as smaller early stage start ups.