Adam Gong

I’ve been working in the industry for over five years. I am strong in interaction design and UI design. I have worked at a creative agency, finance, healthcare, and technology. I currently work at Waze.

Katherine Liu

Hi there! I’m a designer and illustrator in the Bay Area, and I’m currently in the process of starting my own company (just started in June!). Before that, I was a senior product designer at Instagram, and have also spent time at Facebook, IDEO, and Salesforce. As a product designer, I worked across product strategy, interaction design, and visual design. In my free time, I do freelance illustration (client work and running my own small art business)—would love to chat about any or all of these things if they match your interests!


Anthony Faria

Anthony is the Director of Product Design at the New York based startup Handshake. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design and studied at the University of the Arts where he received his BFA. With over 20 years of experience Anthony has worked at ad agencies, media companies and startups using his creative talents for web, mobile, print and brand design. As a leader Anthony has built and managed creative teams understanding what it takes to be successful in the field. He is a collaborator and mentor, guiding others through the complexities of the industry helping them to achieve success.


Chimmy Kalu

Chimmy Kalu is a product designer focused on creating products that are accessible, usable and delightful. Her favourite topics are emotional design, friction and error prevention. Having worked as a software engineer for half her career, Chimmy is able to translate user needs, technical limitations & business goals into designs that evoke emotion and connection. Over the last decade, Chimmy has worked with heritage brands like British Airways, Vogue and GQ to transform their offerings and deliver pioneering products and experiences for their users. She also works with startups and entrepreneurs, helping them understand people and how to connect with them. Chimmy also writes, speaks and leads workshops on inclusive product design.


Mike Jongbloet

Hi, I’m a UX and strategy focused designer with over a decade of experience working in digital. Whilst I’ve spent most of my career in agency environments; first as a designer/developer, then as a User Experience Lead, and most recently as Head of Design, I’ve also worked in the corporate environment and have most recently taken on a new challenge in a start-up, where I’ve chosen to make the unusual move from a leadership position back to being an individual contributor. As well as practical design skills and approaches, I’ve also got experiences and lessons to share on being the first design hire, being a design team of one, leading a design team and growing a design team.


Nikhil Yadav

I am currently working in Gojek as Product Designer on Chat & Communication Platform for more than 2 yrs now where I am in charge of handling communication and chat experiences inside Gojek app, defining ways in which customers connect with each other, drivers, merchants, or the customer agents. I also worked on experiences for ensuring the security & safety of the user. Being a self-taught designer, I realise the value of good mentorship and I want to give back to the community by sharing whatever I’ve learned over the years. I can help you in upskilling your documentation skills, thinking in system & frameworks and caring about the end to end experiences.

Natalja Sapoznikova

Hello! I am UX/UI Product Designer from Riga, Latvia with a background in E-Commerce. Have 7 years of experience working for European and North-American markets and designing for various markets and cultures. Passionate about improving user experience through exploring users and their cultural differences.


Susanne Steinbach

I’m a freelance Product (UX/UI) Designer with over 10 years of experience, studying and working for large international companies as well as start-ups and growing businesses. I will help you on your path to reaching your full potential, getting your career started, or creating a portfolio. Whatever you need. I specialize in User Experience, processes, UI Designs, and prototyping.