Giorgio Schiro

I’m a Product Designer with a background in development and furniture design too. I work in London as a UI/UX Designer for a smart analytics company. In the last 7 years, I’ve worked with big brands, innovative startups, fashion and tech companies in both Italy and the UK. My main goal is to create clean and user-friendly experiences, with a focus on product optimisation. The real goal is having fun while I’m doing it.

Lily Malykhina

I began my career as UI/UX designer almost five years ago when I found difficulties navigating on desktop and mobile sites. By competitive research and numerous testing, I have been able to help brands increase usability by building brand portfolios and websites that are user-friendly and aesthetically cohesive. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to work in various industries for top-tier brands such as American Express, Udacity, and Kylie Cosmetics. Overall, I have amplified digital acquisition pages, credit card templates, course integrations, and rebrands. Currently, I work for DirectTV creating a more user-friendly experience for customers in online billing and payments. As I continue to grow as a UI/UX designer, I have increased my passion for building portfolios and creating website pages that allow customers to have an enjoyable experience while navigating. I would love to work with you as you begin or/and continue in your UX/UI education.