Testimonial 10

The RookieUp Bootcamp helped me go through the recruitment stage and land a job at the company I’m currently working at.

Testimonial 9

RookieUp’s Mentor Program helped me get the confidence to apply for jobs I wouldn’t have thought I was qualified for.

Testimonial 8

The bootcamp helped me polish up my portfolio and land a great design job with a large US company!

Testimonial 7

What a gem! The Mentor Program has a wonderful collection of resources that helped me fill in my knowledge gaps and build my portfolio.

Testimonial 6

It has been essential in my efforts to polish my portfolio and land my dream design job.

Testimonial 6

RookieUp really did help me build up my portfolio and land a great job.

Testimonial 5

The RookieUp Bootcamp gave me the confidence required to switch role and industry in my 30s.

Testimonial 4

I landed a position as a UX Designer for a private company! I’m insanely grateful to my mentor for guiding my focus and helping me feel confident about my abilities. His support and advice helped me land my dream role!

Testimonial 3

Thanks to RookieUp, I was able to create a better portfolio and find a great job.

Testimonial 2

RookieUp helped me improve my design skills and build a portfolio that helped me get a job as a UX/UI Designer.