So you’ve started learning design…now what?

  • There are thousands of ways to learn design fundamentals, but most courses end after teaching the basics, leaving you all alone for the most difficult part — improving your skills and building an amazing and unique portfolio that will actually land you a job.
  • Without the support of your own dedicated mentor to help you set goals, stay accountable, and improve as a designer after you’ve learned the basics, the process of building a portfolio and getting a job can feel overwhelming, if not impossible.

We call this huge space between being proficient and actually being job-ready...The Gap.

1-on-1 mentorship is proven to help aspiring designers make faster progress, land more interviews, and get a job more quickly. But until now, mentorship has been locked behind expensive bootcamps only accessible for a small % of people.

We think that everyone should have access to world-class mentors who will work with you to customize a unique action plan based on your goals, and your goals alone.

And that’s exactly where RookieUp comes in!

RookieUp Mentor Programs

RookieUp Mentor Programs are an entirely new type of design program, created to help you go from proficient to job ready by pairing you with your own personal mentor, carefully selected to help you accomplish your design goals.

Your Mentor

You’ll get to handpick your mentor from a list curated by our team based on your goals, and then work with them 1-on-1 at your own pace.

Flexible and Customized

No curriculum or cookie-cutter projects. You’ll work with your mentor to come up with a custom action plan based on your goals.

Your private team

You’ll have your own dedicated mentor, student advisor, and recruiting resource to help with every question.

Student Community

Connect with students in a private community to ask questions, get feedback, and more.

Fully-customized around your goals

Our Mentor Programs are an entirely new type of design program, created to help you go from proficient to job
ready faster by pairing you with your own personal career-launch team.

Mentors for every type of design: UX/UI DesignVisual DesignUX ResearchProduct DesignAnd Many More

Hone Your Skills

The perfect starting point if you’ve started learning design but want 1-on-1 guidance as you start working on portfolio projects.

Your mentor will be there to support you and provide feedback so you can improve quickly as you begin to build your portfolio.

  • Learn the design process
  • Build your first projects
  • Figure out your design focus

Build Your Portfolio

This program is for designers who are ready to build an amazing portfolio so you can be ready to apply to jobs.

You’ll work with a mentor and design recruiter to create unique portfolio projects and then turn those projects into an amazing portfolio site that will get you a job.

  • Build portfolio case studies
  • Create your portfolio website
  • Apply to jobs and start interviewing

Get A Job

If you’ve started building your portfolio and want to get a job fast, this program is for you.

You’ll work with a mentor to polish your portfolio, craft your resume, and have their support as you apply to jobs. Your design recruiter will help you improve your skills as you land interviews.

  • Turn projects into case studies
  • Build a job-ready portfolio site
  • Find and apply to your dream job!

Ready to build your amazing design portfolio?

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